We have found interacting with nature and growing food to be engaging pathways to enhance cross-curricula teaching and learning. However, it is increasingly difficult for schools to be able to provide pupils with opportunities to get outdoors and engage with nature – which is why we decided to bring the outdoors indoors with our Flat-Pack Farm project!

The children learnt through observation and practical activities, which has been proved in numerous studies to improve the learning and the chances of the children remembering the work

- Siân Owen, Ysgol Parc Y Bont, Anglesey

Benefits of Aquaroots systems

Benefits to Pupils

Engaging, practical activities in the classroom

Making science real

Increasing sense of responsibility

Learning how to grow your own own food

Learning about health and nutrition

Developing long term planning skills

Developing cooperation and teamwork

Stimulating and encouraging scientific thought and investigation

Appreciation for nature

Benefits to Teachers

Increased engagement in the classroom

Cheaper and easier to organise than a field trip

Inclusive across the learning spectrum including SEN and G&T

Enhanced teaching and learning

Inspiration for lesson planning

Easy to engage students with complex and abstract concepts

Supplied lesson plans and investigations provide pathways to accredited awards

Benefits at Home

Growing and learning together as a family

Growing healthy food at home

Increased awareness of environmental issues

Having the AquaRoots system in the school enriched [the students’] learning experience

- Siân Owen, Ysgol Parc Y Bont, Anglesey